Together we observe, detect and translate ideas into actions, together we shape the future of our world, our cities



This year on Monday 22 October we present the second edition of the Antenna conference. With 20 of the world’s best design graduates on stage. And we launch the first exhibition of antenna, presenting a selection of projects that inspire and surprise. The interactive platform Antenna connects and aligns international design talents and thinkers with professionals and experts. It’s the network where the people who make things happen gather for talks, lectures and debates to show the power of design and to transform future challenges of society in opportunities.

At Antenna, the international design world gathers to see the top 20 selected graduates and talents present their work and ideas. The aim is to surprise, inspire and dazzle the audience of professionals and experts, at the same time challenging them to think further and be open to new insights. This year on Monday 22 October we present the second edition of the Antenna  conference.  Antenna wants to build a worldwide network of antennae connecting the dots between talents on different continents, working across disciplines and with experts and professionals acting almost as a patron for these conversations, exchanges and possible collaborations.

About Antenna

Antenna was born through the need to analyse the ability of young designers and their talent when they observe, detect and translate ideas to change our world into action. Initiated by Dutch Design Week and Design Indaba it aims to help these talented young people to reach their next step. Supported by experts and professionals in the Antenna network, they will take part in an exciting programme, expanding their skills and networks, and opening up to a range of future opportunities. The name Antenna itself refers to sensory organs in the natural world. Sensing touch, temperature, air motion, vibration, sound, smell or taste their main power is to intuitively spot and interpret subtle signs.

Timetable Antenna

13:30                        Registration
14:00                        Start programme
18:00                       Closure and drinks

More details coming soon!


Conference: Klokgebouw, Eindhoven

Exhibitation: Veemgebouw, Eindhoven

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It’s all about generating impact on society and generating impact on the development of future talents, not about anything else. At the Antenna event, you’ll get to meet the world’s top 20 selected design graduates and talents. So don’t miss out!


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