Creative embassies for the future

Creative embassies for the future

Design City Eindhoven is the home of Dutch Design Week (DDW), northern Europe’s leading design event, which in 2017 attracted more than 300,000 visitors. Organized by the Dutch Design Foundation (DDF), DDW occupies a unique position internationally, because it deals more with what the future might bring than what the present holds. DDW looks to the future and the ways that designers are studying and shaping that future.

With WDE, DDW takes a new step in the internationalization of the platform. The Netherlands does not operate in isolation from the world, and the issues faced by society are similar everywhere. So there are plenty of reasons to work together, share expertise and learn from kindred spirits, creative thinkers and doers from other parts of the world. The World Design Event invites designers from all over the world to come and shape the future together.

World Design Event – Creative Embassies
Creative Embassies are a community of international creative thinkers and doers, urban innovators, business communities, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and government bodies tackle future challenges faced by cities and their inhabitants. This year’s Creative Embassies zoom in on six topics: circularity, health, mobility, food, water and urban transformation.

The 2018 Creative Embassies stem from last year’s first World Design Event. In the same way national embassies create connections between countries, these Creative Embassies facilitate connections between themes, challenges and visions on a myriad of topics. But more importantly, they help X connect to a design agenda. These connections will be made through encounters, presentations, lectures, debates, co-creation sessions and exhibitions. Each domain-specific Creative Embassy forms a hub where all lines converge on a particular topic.

Embassy of Circularity

Klokgebouw 50, hall 3

The Embassy of Data aims to raise awareness of the possibilities and opportunities presented by data but also the threats and inadequacies. An exhibition, a varied programme of workshops and serious games, and an international conference will introduce visitors to some of the questions around data and its often invisible impact on our everyday lives. What data are collected here? What kind of data will be stored, where, and for how long? Which laws apply? Who is in charge? The Embassy of Data will seek to help people understand a process that normally takes place invisibly and/or behind closed doors.

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Embassy of Food

De Witte Dame, Emmasingel 14

Embassy of food: Design visions on an invisible, edible world 

The core of the Embassy of Food, hosted by the Institute of Food & Design, is the EDIBLE INVISIBLE exhibition. Here you can experience something you can’t see: microbes. Microbes are everywhere and influence our lives to a far greater extent than we thought until recently. Our gut flora and what you eat not only influence our physical health, but also our emotional well-being, our behaviour and even our taste. Will we soon be treating Alzheimer’s and depression with diets? And what can designers do with such knowledge?

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Embassy of Health

Innovation Powerhouse, Zwaanstraat 31a 

As part of the World Design Event the Innovation Powerhouse is transformed into the Embassy of Health. In the exhibition ‘Chronic Health: Designing a Healthy Future’ the embassy deals with the interests of design and health, and shows a wide range of examples; from ‘open’ design and Do It Together care applications to high-end medical technology and creative prototypes.


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Embassy of Mobility

Warehouse of Innovation, Vrijstraat 11

When do we ever blush or shout in public? When do we give attention, enjoy or cry for all to see? Can we still be intimate with ourselves and with others while the world is watching? And if so: what does this intimacy look like? And: is this how we want it or do we long for something else; for different forms of expression, less (unwritten) rules, more room to show others who we are and how we feel? In order to examine our individual and collective attitudes towards intimacy – and to recalibrate them when necessary – Tom Loois and MU are creating an Embassy of Intimacy for the World Design Event.

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Embassy of Urban Transformation

The Student Hotel Eindhoven, Stationsweg 1

At the Embassy of Urban Transformation, the quality of life in the city of the future is paramount. In 2050, more than 70% of the world’s population will be living in an urban environment.

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Embassy of Water

Bergmannstraat 76

From October 21st, What Design Can Do (WDCD), the international platform for design and social impact, will host the Embassy of Climate Action. The question we ask is what can design do to help people survive the impacts of climate change? Through an activating and interactive exhibition, visitors are invited to explore and engage in the most urgent issue of our time – and hopefully come up with innovative climate action ideas of their own.

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