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Embassy of Mobility

Embassy of Mobility

We invite you to join us in exploring what is happening in the field of Mobility. Especially, what the future possibilities are and how we can connect them to nowadays challenges. We are at the beginning of an exponential growth of multiple technologies. Technologies which are converging and will disrupt the fields of Mobility as we know it, impacting our society. Mobility is on the move, creating new great opportunities. Let’s dive into the topic.

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The EMBASSY OF MOBILITY consist out of 5 parts.

1.   Inform: EXHIBITION

Check out the latest developments in the area of Mobility.

2.   Activate: PICK A RIDE

Choose one of Segway’s newest rides and test it on the race track!

3.   Engage: MAKE YOUR RIDE

Engage in one of the workshops to make your own ride – a new electrical vehicle together with Infento.

4.   Discover: LETS GO OUTSIDE

Go on one of the journey’s through Eindhoven and find all hidden gems.

5.   Indepth: EXPERT TALKS

Everyday at 17:00 we will clear the racetrack and have some indepth talks on the different perspectives presented.


Embassy of MobilityTake a different look at mobility

What is mobility and what does it mean for our society? What role does mobility play in urban development and the numerous challenges that accompany urban growth and renewal? Can mobility offer solutions rather than cause problems? The Embassy of Mobility, located in the former V&D building in the centre of Eindhoven, will address these questions during the DDW.